Happy Rose Day SMS Messages Wishes 2016

Happy Rose Day 2016 SMS Wishes: As the rose day 2016 is approaching just a few day left & the best way to wish your friends is to send them Happy Rose Day 2016 SMS Wishes & wish them a happy rose day 2016.

Rose day is celebrated on 7 february every year. On this day lovers greet each others a very happy rose day with beautiful crimson red roses &  also take their partner for a romantic dinner or send greeting cards to a secret love. The last but the most awesome day of valentine week is Happy Valentines Day on this day lovers send each other valentines day wishes & enjoy this day with each other is the most romantic way.

rose day images

rose day images

Happy Rose Day SMS Messages Wishes

If I have a bunch of roses

I will put in a plastic

Rose in it and give it to

You and say our friendship

Continues Til D Last Rose


Happy Rose Day 2016


This Rose Day , I wish to

All The Thorns On The Path

Of your life is defeated

And your Life Path Software

Filled with petals of love,

Friendship and blessings ..

Happy Rose Day 2016


A Rose does not

To propose love

It also means

R Hamburger

O- Ones

S- Aid

E- Full Life

Happy Rose Day 2016


Everyone likes rose petals

but not the green sepals that

protects it in its budding stage ,

Similarly, everyone likes

the beautiful faces but

not those who spend life

making others beautiful . ”

Happy Rose Day 2016


” Roses are red

Violets are blue

I’m so sweet my friend

What happened to you ?

Happy Rose Day 2016


Happy Rose Day My Love , I

Love U , May Our Life Will

Full Wid All Glamour And

Happiness without Thorn.

Happy Rose Day 2016


The red color shows that I love

Look, I promise I will give you

Hundreds Of Roses Everyday,

Even so , I can not express my

Love you, I love you so much

Happy Rose Day 2016


Roses are exclusively 4A

Nice Person Like U From A

Simple person like me Keep

This rose until they dry

But Keep My Friendly

Until I die

Happy Rose Day 2016


Give you just a rose, but

I give you my heart and soul.

I send to you all the love I

Has to give, and everything

Other things that would give me

Chance to touch your heart.

Happy Rose Day 2016


Love is deep & beautiful feeling of the heart..

Love gives sparkling glow to the face,

Love like dream come true..

Happy Rose Day 2016


Valentines Day is a day of love,

so mum, I want to say that no-one gives more love than you,

You brighten everyday.

You deserve my undying love,

You earned it from the start.

So on Valentines Day I give to you.

A very special place in my heart!

Happy Rose Day 2016


My heart for you will never break.

My smile for you will never fade.

My love for you will never end.

I love you!

Happy Rose Day 2016


Don’t expect a perfect love

from any of your close ones…

Just show them what it is

Happy Rose Day 2016


Fact of life:

More often,v fall in love wid a person

v can never live wid

n sumtimes d one v truely LOVE

remains either a friend or a stranger.

Happy Rose Day 2016


Those we love,

Never go away…

The walk beside us

every day.. unseen…

unhear…still near…

Still loved…Still

missed and still very dear…!

Happy Rose Day 2016


My rose is red,

Ur eyes r blue,

You love me,

and I love u.

Happy Rose Day 2016


Making relation is very simple

but keeping it is very difficult..

If I fail anytime,

give me grace marks n promote

me cause I dnt want2 lose u.

Happy Rose Day 2016

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